Youth Group

Wednesday Nights: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at NorthGate - 7th - 12th Grade
Sunday Morning Middle School: 11:00 am service - Meets downstairs after worship - 6th - 8th Grade

This is a fuse between a LifeNet and a traditional youth group. In other words, there will be games, teaching, worship, events, and small groups.  The teaching and small groups will be “sermon based” with the focus being on helping the kids grow in their relationship with Jesus.  I believe youth ministry comes down to three concepts: FUN, FELLOWSHIP, and FRUIT.

FUN! It’s simple. Kids (and humans in general) like to have fun. Thus, we will have fun.

FELLOWSHIP; I generally don’t like the term due to the baggage associated with it and I refuse to use the word as verb, as in lets go fellowship (that would be “Christianese"). However, I think it is self-explanatory and therefore gets the point across. I want to see our “youth group” function like a family; both within itself and with the church body as a whole. This is not easy, but it is achievable. This brings us to the last concept,

FRUIT. The ultimate goal is to let teenagers experience Jesus, not just learn about him. We want our kids to produce “good fruit”.

Chris and Jess Parker

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