A place to share our Encounters with God with each other with Purpose
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Why share your testimony?

Communication with God and His communication with us are building blocks of our ongoing connectedness and relationship with God and they mean so much to us. As God speaks to us to reveal Himself, give direction, send comfort so that we grow in our relationship with God for God’s glory and for the good of others. Our life is no longer our own.

God speaks to us in so many ways; through others, through His word, in prayer, through circumstances. I also believe that God shares Himself through our testimonies; our accounts of God’s connection with us for the benefit of others connections with God as well. 

  • What is a testimony?

    • It is the account of God connecting with an individual.

  • Why write and collect testimonies for your self?

    • Give God glory.

    • Document as a remembrance how God provided for us in a certain situation.

    • Gives the ability to look back over a period of time and identify God’s pattern for our lives.

    • See our purpose unfold and gives direction for the future.

    • Leave a Christian legacy for generations to come

Here is the bigger picture for why write and collect testimonies as the body of Christ.

  • We write the God story to share the story and so that others can engage the story. 

  • Our sharing allows us and others in the congregation 

  • To corporately glorify God

  • Encourage others in their time of need 

  • Increases faith; ours and others

  • To build relationship within the family of God as we connect with each other in the congregation to hear more and the continuing story around the testimony 

  • This opens the door for prayer as this testimony most likely is not the end of the story

  • As the body of Christ we can encourage one another as we understand the situation, the needs and the excitement of direction and their God journey.

  • To create Godly community around God’s movement in each other’s lives. We are more actively the body of Christ with one another in and outside of small groups. What another great way to grow as the body of Christ doing “life” together.


Who can share Their testimony?

  • Anyone can share a testimony!

  • Parents can write a testimony for their children.

how to share your testimony


Testimony guidelines

  • Pray before you begin

  • Be God focused

  • What was the situation surrounding this encounter with God; give context

  • What have you been seeking from God 

  • Share delicate items delicately 

  • No names of others 

  • How did God answer

  • What was the direction, comfort or answer you received from God?

  • Scriptures God brought to your mind for this situation

  • Prayer requests for this situation

  • Include Scriptures that God has brought to this situation