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The Passover Journey

Jon Hasselbeck
March 31, 2019

This is an audio message.

Easter isn’t a word one can find in the Bible. So what is it really? The first half of Pastor Jon’s message was aimed at showing us that Easter is really about the Passover. Jon depicted 6 aspects that the Passover can teach us.

1) The Passover is the cross
2) It involves changing our thinking
3) It is a journey of overcoming (Red sea)
4) It is about setting prisoners/slaves free
5) Passover reveals who God really is 6) It brings new life.

The second part of the message was directed at teaching and responding to certain names of God.

1) Jehovah Jireh– the Lord will provide. Found in Gen 22:14. This is the scene in which we find God providing a ram to sacrifice on the altar.
2) Jehovah Rapha– the Lord who heals. We find this in Exodus 15:26 where God commands Moses to put a tree in the water and the water becomes sweet.
3) Jehovah Nissi– the Lord my banner. We can find this name in Exodus 17:15. Moses holds up his hands (symbolism of praising God). As he does this, his people win wars. As his arms begin to fall, they lose battles.
4) Jehovah Shalom– the Lord is my peace. This name can be found in Judges 6:24. Gideon needs peace in facing the Middeanites.
5) Jehovah-Raah– the Lord my shepherd. David declares this in the Psalm 23.

Jon explored how he was in need of the Lord to be his peace (Jehovah Shalom). He had/has been going through some tough situations that he needed the peace of God to show up in. Much like when Jesus in Mark 4 says peace to the storm; Jon felt as though the Lord had done the same thing in his life over the last week. God brought supernatural peace into his circumstances and his own heart even situations didn’t change.

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