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October 15, 2020 8:32 PM

Resurrection Fact or Fiction

Christopher Parker
May 17, 2020

This is an audio message.

Concluding the series on the resurrection, Pr. Chris brought a message on the believability of the resurrection account from John 20. At some point in our faith journey, many of us will wonder

whether or not the resurrection story is true. We may wonder if it is a hoax or a legend. Pr. Chris shared some reasons that suggest the historical validity of the story. Details in the story (such as the story beginning with the testimony of a woman, the extraneous details in the text, the unflattering portrait of the disciples, no firsthand accounts claiming that the resurrection did not happen, and many other details) suggest that the story is neither a hoax nor a legend. While these points in no way resolve all the questions and remove all doubt, it does show that there are good historical reasons for believing in Jesus’ resurrection.

Pr. Chris concluded his message with two pastoral reflections. First, Jesus emerged from the tomb victorious over death, taking new life with him, but leaving something behind—his burial cloths. Second, Jesus’ resurrection body does not emerge from the tomb without the wounds of his crucifixion. Although he is completely healed, his scars remain. What are the burial clothes in your life that need to be left in the tomb? What wounds do you have that need healing and how might your wounds lead others to faith?

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