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Move Part 1

Jon Hasselbeck
December 1, 2019

This is an audio message.

Jon started a new series this week on moving forward. He shared about his excitement with the direction
the Buffalo Bills are headed. Instead of dwelling on past wins and losses they are focusing on the future and
using the past as markers but not burdens for the future. Coach Sean McDermott said that “they aren’t a
finished product. They are moving forward to a goal but haven’t arrived there yet”.
The Christian walk is much the same. We have been freed from sin and slavery, but we haven’t arrived yet
at who we are supposed to be. Jon asked the question, “are you running ahead from glory to glory or are
you stuck”? Even as believers we often get stuck under our burdens, trapped, and unable to move forward.
Hebrews 12:1 tells us to set aside every burden and run the race well.
The command to move ahead is throughout the Bible. Jon focused on the story of the crossing of the Jordan
River in Joshua 1. When the Israelites arrived at the river 40 years prior they became afraid and turned
away. Now they were back and they were finally ready to cross. God commanded the Priests to carry the Arc
of the Covenant into the Jordan river and promised the river would stop for them once they did. Jon
reminded us that the Arc represents the presence and mercy of God. So God was commanding the Israelites
to carry the presence of God into the rushing river and trust that God would provide a way out.
Jon related this to our own walks of faith. Often God calls us into situations where the end isn’t apparent or
there is much risk if God doesn’t show up. He invites us to step out and trust Him without a guarantee of
success except for God’s mercy, promise, and faithfulness. God has already prepared you for the situation.
In Joshua, He had stopped the river all the way back at Adam. God is prepared for every situation but wants
us to trust Him when we step out.
Once the river parted, the priests were to stand with the Arc in the middle of the riverbed until everyone
had crossed. Then twelve priests were supposed to pick up a stone and make a memorial where they next
camped. While we are called to move forward it is important to leave signposts for us to remember God’s
faithfulness along the journey. We are not called to take those with us as we go, but to leave them behind
to stop us from turning back. They are also there for future generations to know how God has been faithful
to their family and will continue to be faithful to them. God calls us to set aside our burdens, move forward,
and leave them as reminders of God’s faithfulness to bring us through.

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