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Due to COVID-19 We are not meeting in our building , but we are meeting outside our building in a large tent so we can all worship together. This is plan for the whole fall season. The tent is heated. (No Registration Required) AND Online @ 10 AM .
October 15, 2020 8:32 PM

Love Activated: Pentecost

Jon Hasselbeck
Love Activated
June 7, 2020

This is an audio message.

As the Spirit of God was descending on the early church in Acts 2, people began to speak in tongues. In the diversity ofpeople who was gathered, each person heard what was said “in their own language” (Acts 2:6). Prs. Jon and Steve taughton three implications from the story. First, in giving the Holy Spirit, the Lord did not diminish diversity at Pentecost, he magnified it. Second, the Holy Spirit gave understand to the people. Third, the promises of God were for all people ofevery tribe, nation, culture and race. In this difficult cultural moment, Prs. Jon and Steve encouraged us to speak less andlisten more, to be a church that brings freedom to the captives, and to repent (rethink) from sinful mindsets. As the church,we are called to stand with our brothers and sisters color, listening to their stories and the ways they have been oppressed by a long history of racism, and by laboring with them, in unity, toward justice.

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