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July 29, 2020 7:13 PM

Fear doesn’t stand a chance

Jon Hasselbeck
March 8, 2020

This is an audio message.

Right now, if you turn on any news/media you’ll probably hear about the Coronavirus.
COVID-19. He talked about being in the hospital walking in and out every tv had some

sort of new and/or mentioning of the virus. Headlines like, “the end or the world, Covid-
19.” Or things like, “will the coronavirus ruin international economies?” Jon shared how

the messaging and general spirit of the information surrounding the disease are sending
people into panic and settling into fear.
Fear, as we know from scripture, is not of God. Perfect love casts out all fear. God is
love and thereby living in fear of this virus is not God’s plan in your life. Is it legitimate to
say that there is a danger due to the virus? (Which by the way NorthGate has and will
continue to take extra measures keep our environments extra clean) Yes, but we
shouldn’t live with a spirit of fear.
Jon also talked about how God will always use all things together for the good of those
who love him. Enter Nathan Warner. For the last 18 months, life has been hard after the
company he was working for went under. There were many times where they weren’t
sure where the next month’s mortgage payment would come from, but it always came.
In a season of particular lowness and disappointment when fear was crouching at the
door, Nathan reluctantly went to yet another job fair. Long story short, he ran into his old
boss. After a quick conversation, his old boss realized he needs Nathan to complete a
project that seemed unsolvable at the time. Jon used this story to illustrate that there
are legitimate things to be afraid of, but God is always with us and makes a way.

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