Pastor Penn Clark centered his message on the workings of the Holy Spirit and conveyed the fact that in some cases simple ten second decisions can have a profound influence, both positive and negative, on one’s life. He illustrated the story in Genesis 25 of Jacob and Esau, explaining that Esau’s entire inheritance was lost because of one meal, one moment of weakness. In contrast, Penn mentioned the story of Rebekah in Genesis 24. Rebekah could not have foreseen that one small decision to humble herself and offer hospitality to a man sitting with his camels would have such a lasting impact on her life. Penn wove in numerous personal experiences he had in his life where quick decisions led to amazing works by the Holy Spirit through Penn’s life and through the lives of those around him.

Pastor Jon focused the core of his message on the secret place and the marketplace. He referred to the secret place as the time we take to spend alone time with God and the marketplace as the time spent with both believers and nonbelievers in our every day life. A large component of Pastor Jon’s message emphasized the fact that when we listen to God in the secret place, we will also listen to God in the marketplace. The key is to be intentional about communicating with God in each of our walks with Him. Pastor Jon concluded his message with a challenge to take time this week to kick-start our prayer life, mentioning that God’s goal is to bring us from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).

Jake and Rebecca shared their life story during their message, which included a journey of faith that led them from Liberty College in Lynchburg, Virginia to their roots in Buffalo. Though the journey wasn’t easy and had many difficulties along the way, they learned to open their hearts up to the purpose that God has in store for them. Their ultimate goal is to share Gods love with the Buffalo community; God put a specific vision on Jake’s heart to work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), where he will have an opportunity to minister to athletes and coaches in schools within the Buffalo community. They concluded their message with an encouraging hope and plan that God has placed on their hearts for the city of Buffalo, and believe that there will be many participants from various backgrounds that will play a pivotal role in the revival of faith and prosperity in Buffalo.