Pastor Jon broke his message into two parts; reflecting about the history and plans of Northgate in the first half of the message, then he directed the second half of the message towards the actions and thought process of the disciples in the story from Matthew where the food of one boy was multiplied exponentially to feed an enormous group of people. Jon also explained the story about how Pastor Bender’s vision from God was to see the church wall broken down to make room for an addition, a vision that will be fulfilled after his own passing. Jon concluded his message with a call to action for the congregation, asking the church to pray through what walls in their lives have been built up over the years that God is pressing into us to break down.

As part of a series of sermons leading up the walls coming down at Northgate, Pastor Jon spoke on the topic of breakthrough. Taking examples from two men of God, David and Jonathan, Pastor Jon illustrated how both men experienced breakthroughs in their lives from seemingly overwhelming circumstances (Read: 1 Chronicles 14:10-13, 1 Samuel 14:1-2). Their lives illustrated how we too can overcome barriers in our own lives through 1) learning to be worshipper 2) listening to the Lord 3) prayer and 4) dependency on God. God wants us to step out in courage and breakthrough the obstacles/walls in our lives and experience a life of abundance in Him.

Pastor Reid and his wife Wanda spoke to the church about the present era of Christianity. Pastor Reid mentioned that we were designed as a church to operate in a culture similar to the one we are currently living in, offering examples from scripture where great works from God’s people were accomplished in cultures that viewed Christianity in a light similar to the world around us today. He illustrated that the presence of darkness provides the manifestation for the presence of light. He also wove in the fact that being broken hearted is worse than having a broken body, and we as Christians have a responsibility to reach out to the broken hearted in our lives. 

Pastor Jon preached about the concept of being overwhelmed and mentioned that being overwhelmed by our circumstances can often take precedence over being overwhelmed by God. He explained that whatever we allow to overwhelm us, both positive and negative things, will become our priority and it gives way to us placing aspects of our life in front of God. Pastor Jon also included a point that when we realize who God is and how much he loves us, everything else in our lives becomes much smaller. He concluded his message with a series of three points. The first is to be overwhelmed by God more than our circumstances. Also, when we are overwhelmed by God we begin to see things from His perspective. Lastly, when we begin to understand that God loved us first, it changes everything. His love is greater and more overwhelming than any problems that we have.