Sometimes in journeying through the day I just want to say, “Can we just try to get along?”

When we look at the world and local news, our business contacts and our families, it just seems there are many times when it takes all our effort just to work together.  At Northgate our latest sermon series is “ Synergy - from the Greek word συνεργός (synergos) meaning “working together”.   Leadership comes from the top down and if we know Jesus we have to look at the Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit working together throughout the Bible.  One of the mysteries of the Trinity is that they all work together but each has a separate part to play.  The focus of all is the same….bring people into relationship with them so we work in one direction, in synergy.  

The question for the day: What can I do to bring synergy into my world today?  As you look to the Trinity, three in one,  you may be surprised by your answers.  Walk them out and watch God bring things together.