Another year is ending and another beginning. I always take some time to think back over the past one before looking to the future.  There have been tough years and great years.  I have learned many things in all of them.  A number of years ago I developed a practice of asking God for a word for the year, and God has faithfully supplied one. Sometimes it comes as a single impression, sometimes as a repeated word in conversations. Last year’s was Promise. As I entered the year it seemed it referred to believing God for what He has promised us, but I found my belief shaky as I entered the year.  I started listening for the word.  It was amazing how many times I heard it and what it led me to think about.  Now as I look back, I see how God was using that word to encourage me to believe all that He has promised. That word has produced great fruit.

Sometimes I have to wait for the year’s word.  This year it came a few weeks early and very clearly…GROW.  I started thinking on all that could mean.  It could entail many things.  One thing is for sure- it means change.  It means leaving some things behind…maybe some things that have become too comfortable. It holds a little trepidation wondering how that growth will happen.  It also holds an excitement. I garden so the thought of growth tells me that there is work to be done and something beautiful and useful coming in the end.

I have come to love my “Word for the Year” each year.  Try it. God’s insights into just one word are amazing