It still makes me LOL when I think of a Christmas service past where a very exuberant drummer crashed right into “Silent Night”. I’m sure you had to be there to get the full impact of the collision of heavy drums and cymbals throttling full speed into the gentle telling of the quiet night of Jesus’ birth. The complete irony had me doing everything to hold back hearty laughter while singing that Christmas Carol.  

It’s a great picture of Christmas for many of us. Stores and websites loaded with anything you could want. Highways crowded with shoppers beating others to the best deals.  All the rush and tension while in the background Christmas music plays,  “God rest ye merry Gentlemen” ,  “ O tidings of comfort and joy”.  Christmas a time of rest and comfort?   More and more I hear people say they can’t wait until it’s over.  Hey, wait!  Are you listening to the drums or “Silent night”?

 What do you really want for Christmas this year?  The human heart craves comfort.  Has this season or year been hard and uncomfortable?  Christ came to bring comfort.  Is your heart restless?  Christ came to bring rest.  What are the tidings of Christmas?  Christ is the comfort and rest your heart needs most.  He is still the perfect gift.  Invite Him into your heart this Christmas.