The Northgate community is starting the New Year with 40 days of fasting and refocussing.

Fasting would scare some people but we aren’t talking about an extreme fast of nothing but water.  We are talking about fasting from some things that have become distractions in our life in an effort to hear God and see His direction for us more clearly, so for some people it’s fasting from TV, for some it’s fasting from following favorite computer games, for some it is a food fast.  To help us focus and fast we are going through The Daniel Plan as a group.  The Plan, originated by Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church and author of “Purpose Driven Life”, includes five parts: faith, food, fitness, focus and friends.  We also have weekly meetings with Robbie Raugh, an R.N. and nutritionist, to help us stay on track together.  You can be part of the Daniel Plan by going to or join us and go through it together.  It’s another good opportunity to be together, something we at Northgate love to do.  Can’t wait to hear all the refocused results of our 40 days!  God will surely do some amazing things.