COVID-19 Update
Due to COVID-19 We are not meeting in our building , but we are meeting outside our building in a large tent so we can all worship together. This is plan for the whole fall season. (No Registration Required) AND Online @ 10 AM ONLY .
September 15, 2020 5:39 PM

Baby Dedication

We love to dedicate children to lord. If you would like to learn more about baby dedication watch this message from Pastor Jon!

Our team at Northgate would like to really take the time to celebrate the birth of these new babies this year.  Our vision is to have a couple of services specifically dedicated to your newborns!

We would like to have a “Baby Dedication Sunday” where we can give a blessing to you and your kids!

We’ll design our services around this, and are planning on having a small luncheon only for your families in between our two services.  

We will be having a luncheon, which will have a few breakfast items (we promise they will be different from upstairs) set up in the BorderLand, from about 10:15 to 11:00 am. If you’re coming to the first service, our plan is to try and wrap up earlier than normal for you to have enough time to come down. Feel free to head down once the service is over.

If you’re scheduled for the second service and would like to come, you can arrive around 10:00-10:15 and head right downstairs. We’ll have the outside front door unlocked in case the service is still going on.

Any guests or family members you have invited are welcome to join! As a staff, our goal is to meet with your guests and visitors and to let them know a little more about who Northgate is.

During the service, we will call you and your families up individually for the dedication. Currently, this is planned to be at the end of the message. So, if you have other kids they can be checked into Kids Campus or BorderLand like normal and we will make sure they come up in time for the dedication.

We love to see generations of family members be a part of the dedication so we encourage all of your friends and family to join you on stage. Let us know ahead of time if there’s anything you would like to share or if anyone in your family would like to pray.

Please email Jason a picture of the baby being dedicated.

Thanks for being a part of our community and we hope this is a blessing to you and your families! Please let me know if you have any questions.

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