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Jon elaborated about the two trees that were planted in the Garden of Eden. There is the tree of Life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Jon related how these are related to overcoming the challenges in life. Adam and Eve partook of the tree of knowledge because they wanted to rely on our own strengths. Because they chose to rely on their own power they died spiritually. The same thing happens to us when we don’t rely on God, but rather choose to rely on our own abilities. The tree of life on the other hand is at least metaphorically Jesus. When we partake of Jesus, the tree of life, we are filled by his power and the challenges we face are overcome by God. Sometimes God allows challenges in our lives in order for us to lean deeper into Him. Pastor shared a story of when the expansion at the church was being worked on. They needed to run water for the sprinkler system. Jon felt that they were called to put in a cistern. They had to tear up the front lawn that everyone had spent a lot of time getting perfect. Then the hole that they dug filled up with water after a rain storm. Jon was down in the hole trying to get a sump pump working to get the water out of the hole. It wasn’t working and he felt that he made a huge mistake and realized he was way above his head. He was inadequate for the task, but God spoke to him then and while the situation itself didn’t change, Jon was changed because he realized that God was bigger than the challenge of the cistern and bigger than any challenge. God can overcome the challenges in our lives and we are called to rely on Him to do so.