“Our community groups, which we affectionately call “Lifenets”, aim to cultivate an atmosphere where we experience a genuine relationship with God and one another.”

Lifenets are our church's small groups that meet on a weekly basis at the homes of different members of Northgate throughout the months of September - May.   It's a time for us to laugh, cry, get to know one another, and experience God on a deeper level.  It's a way for us to study the Gospel and apply it to our lives with each other.  It's how we "Do life together".   If this is something that interests you, get a hold of us and we'll help get you connected to one of our groups.  

Joel & Emily Ruddy / Fernando & Michelle Acosta
Monday's at 7pm                                                                                               68 Sunset St. Buffalo, NY (Ruddy)
765 Woodstock Ave. Tonawanda, NY (Acosta)
*Alternating locations every week; Snacks provided
Contact: Joel Ruddy 716 364 8184 / Acosta 716 342 4437                              

Karen & Harvey DeFries / Bill & Loren Koelle
Tuesday's at 7 pm - 9pm
10850 Stage Rd. Clarence, NY
Contact: kdefries@rochester.rr.com 716 686 0855
*Dinner served at 6 pm

Jim & Delee VanMaaren
Tuesday's at 7 pm
NorthGate: 5225 Harris Hill Rd.
Contact: hawksrock427@aol.com 585 319 6199 (Jim)                                     716 799 4549 (Delee)

Tony James
Tuesday's at 7 pm
160 Greenfield St. Buffalo, NY
Contact: anthonyojames@gmail.com 716 243 1261

Bill & Jen D'Alessandro
Wednesday's at 7pm - 9pm
NorthGate: 5225 Harris Hill Rd
Contact: dalessan@netzero.net 716 622 8188

Chris & Jess Parker - "Youth Lifenet"
Wednesday's at 7 pm - 9 pm
NorthGate: 5225 Harris Hill Rd.
Contact: parkercj02@mail.buffalostate.edu 716 725 2777


Rich & Emily Diaz / Joel & Melissa Hasselbeck
Thursday's at 7 pm
191 Crestmount Ave.  Apt 2 Tonawanda, NY (Diaz)                                           157 Potomac Ave. Buffalo NY (Hasselbeck) 
Contact: jchasselbeck@gmail.com 860 5092 (Hasselbeck) richy_973@yahoo.com 973 572 7304 (Diaz)
*Alternate locations every other week; Snacks Provided
First meeting Sept 22 (Hasselbeck's)

Amber Avery / Max & Caitlin Diddams /Jason & Laura Stiffler
Friday's at 6:30 pm
191 North Linden St. Williamsville, NY
Contact: Amber 757 503 8862; Caitlin 952 261 6394; or Jason 716 997 8110

Stan & Diane Friesen / Chris & Megan Perkins
Thursday's at 7 pm
90 East Ave. Akron, NY (Friesen)                                                                   6233 Utley Rd. Akron, NY (Perkins)
Contact: sdfrozen@gmail.com 716 208 3688 (Friesen)                                   716 867 9445 (Perkins)
*We will be alternating locations each week. First meeting - Sept 29 (Perkins house). Snacks Provided.

Gen Wilber
"Better Together" - (Bible Study - Women Only!)
Friday's at 9am - 11am
Every other Friday starting Sept 23
Contact: 534 6266
Provided: Child Care, Breakfast and Coffee

Monte & Gen Wilber
Saturday's at 4pm                                                                                       NorthGate: 5225 Harris Hill Rd.
Contact: 716 534 6266
Your entire family is invited: We will share a meal together. Going forward, we will rotate through successive weeks - men meet alone, women meet alone, everyone joins together with a meal, then a week off. The separate groups will meet Friday evenings at 7pm - location TBA


It's in our blood to connect with students.  We believe students have unique opportunities to change the world and to make an impact on those around them, not only in the present but in the future as well.  We partner with many of the on campus clubs and student leaders at the University at Buffalo because it's our mission to mentor students, and make Christ known.

UB Campus Ministries


Sally Henien
Tuesday's at 8 pm - 9:30pm          
Student Union Room 330 - North Campus
Contact: Sally.Henien@gmail.com
Worship, Message, Small Group Discussions, Snacks, Games

Stephen Jean-Pierre
Monday's at 7:30pm
North Campus - Greiner Hall Lounge 13
Contact: 518 253 6538