Chris Parker speaks with us this week on what it means to be a "Christian".  He shares his perspective on being the light and salt in the world.  

God has a great plan, a vision. That vision includes us and is imparted to us. Vision is a power that motivates us to do great things, give great things, and love at all times. Vision keeps us going when there doesn’t appear to be any other reason to keep pushing forward toward the goal. Jesus endured the cross because of his vision. Perhaps the most powerful aspect of vision is that it changes your way of thinking, which in turn changes the way you live.

Pastor Reid spoke about the need for Christians to be focused on taking steps of faith as God has called us.  He wove in the fact that while God's decisions don't always make sense to us, they will always require a step of faith from us.  In carrying out God's vision in our lives, this displays a level of reverence to God that all glory will be given back to Him and allow us to accomplish great things in the name of Christ.  

God has a great plan, a vision. While that vision includes us and is imparted to us, we cannot accomplish the vision by our own resolve. Carrying out the vision to completion requires partnering with God and walking in the spirit. But, what does it mean to walk in the spirit? Elements of walking in the spirit include (1) an understanding of your identity (2) a dependency on God and (3) an ownership of the authority of Christ within us as believers.