Pastor Justin Collins and his wife Jessica began their message with a description of their marriage ministry “Love After Marriage”. They described examples of breakthrough in marriages that they have seen through their workshops. Justin also described the call from God that he received to move back to Western New York after a time of personal spiritual growth in California. They concluded their message by describing the miraculous healings that took place during their time in India and provided scriptural examples of how God chose to partner with people in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible.  


Penn Clark writes, “One directive of the great commission is for us to make disciples. I believe this means helping people become disciples Of the living Christ, not disciples of us. It's amazing to realize Jesus is still calling and training disciples today, just as he did over 2000 years ago. The only difference is now he is invisible but he relates to us much in the same way he did with his disciples when he walked around Galilee spending time with us, letting us ask questions, teaching us about how the kingdom works. If we embrace the process, he will train and equip us as he did the original 12.” The bottom line is this: Jesus must become our master, teacher, and we must be his disciples first and foremost. Discipleship means I don't have to follow Jesus, I get to!