Psalm 85 gives us a picture of what can happen to the land when righteousness reigns from above. As we moved into this new year we became very aware that land is important to God and always has been. Even more important is that God wants to heal the land where the land is in need of healing. 2 Chronicles 7:14 makes it very clear that we can see the land healed if we will follow the plan to healing.

Niagara NOW is about that plan. It is about the people of God from the Niagara Region coming together to see the Niagara Region healed so that the earth can yield its increase as Psalms 85 states. We believe that people, families, churches, businesses and all forms of agriculture in our region will begin to thrive and be able to grow into their potential as the land yields its increase. This land is waiting, groaning to experience its fullness as Romans 8:18-24 so clearly depicts.

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