Jon defined the secret place as the meeting place with God. In the Old Testament that was the temple, now since the Holy Spirit is dwelling within us that place isn’t so much physical as it is spiritual. As such, Jon equated the different parts of the temple with postures of drawing one’s self into God. The Place of Sacrifice equates to Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross. The Laver is where priests would purify themselves. Here we purify ourselves with the Holy Spirit and thank Him for His presence. The menorah represented God’s Spirit, here we thank him and praise him for his goodness. The show bread represented the presence of God. Jesus used the idea of bread as his body that was broken. Here we can thank God for his work in the world and for Jesus’ presence and teaching with us. The Alter of incense is where prayers were offered for the people of Israel. Here we can offer prayers for our brothers and sisters. The veil was the separation between the holy place and the holy of holies. When Jesus died on the cross the veil was torn, and we were able to meet God face to face in the Most Holy Place. Here at the middle of God’s presence we are able to experience God in his fullness. To listen to His will and pray fully from God’s direction. 


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