Al and Deb Warner, guest speakers, worked out of the passage of Ezekiel 37. The message concerned people looking at a situation through the eyes of God rather than our own way of thinking and perceiving the world. They brought four main points to share with the congregation. 1) Love: to love the area you are planted in, the people you interact with, and the purpose God has given you. 2) Prayer: to pray for the area you are planted in, the people you connect with, and for the purposes God has for you. 3) Endure: to endure for the area you love and pray for, to endure for the people you love and pray for, and to endure for the purposes in your own lives and others. 4) Expect: to expect for the area you love, pray and endure for, to expect on behalf of the people you have contact with, and to expect for the vision and purposes God has for you, the region, and others.